Sunday, June 19, 2016

Turning To Amy Farrah Fowler For Fashion Advice?

Lately as I watch "The Big Bang Theory," I find myself almost coveting this purple jacket that Amy Farrah Fowler wears. I love purple. I don't think Amy's jacket here is denim, but it's definitely cotton.

Also, I really like that olive drab jacket that Leonard Hofstadter wears, but I haven't been able to find that one at a price that I like.

Anyhoo, I realized a few days ago that I have an older men's Levi denim jacket upstairs in our attic closet. My husband bought it years ago, and I never understood why. He swore up and down he'd wear it. In the entire time I've known my husband, I've never once seen him wear a denim jacket. I told him he wouldn't wear it, and that I was going to steal it for myself.

Guess who ended up with a nice jacket?

I've worn it quite a bit over the years and just put it away two years ago to trade it out for a jacket my husband did buy me. And had forgotten all about it until I was watching TBBT again a few weeks ago and saw this lovely purple jacket of Amy's.


It looks a little on the shapeless side here, because the plastic hanger it's on is starting to bend. I love men's jackets because of how roomy they are and they always have plenty of pockets. There's even two pockets on the inside, made from wisely sewing the pocket flaps back. I'd like to point out that even as a kid, with the girl's denim jacket I had, I actually managed to do this with my own jacket, creating more pockets myself.

 I picked up a packet of Rit purple dye from Joann Fabric on Thursday and dyed it yesterday.

After: please excuse the haphazard placement on my sewing model here. I needed a place to put it for the picture.
Look at it, in all it's purple glory! Look how well it took the color!! I dare say this might be a better jacket than the one worn by my favorite neuroscientist. :)

And while I back in it's purpleness tonight, I'm going to sew in a couple of hidden Star Wars patches that I just got from Albin Johnson, the human companion to R2-KT. I'm going to sew them to the pocket flaps on the inside.

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