Monday, July 4, 2016

Sammy's Hashbrowns/30 Recipes Down

Tonight's recipe was actually part of our breakfast and was one from Just a Bunch of Recipes.

Sam wrote, "Breakfast is my favorite meal, and over the years, I'm sure I've had hundreds of pounds of lousy, weak, or tasteless hash browns (which somehow I still managed to eat). But the thought of all those bad extra calories just makes me want to scream."

I do love a good breakfast for any meal. In fact, I love pancakes and waffles for lunch. IHOP was made for people like me. And despite not ever getting hash browns to turn out the way I'd like them to (crispy and slightly crunchy), I still try to make them.

My problem with hash browns is the damn temperature. I never get it high enough to get the pan really hot and smoking. I should have let my husband make these because he truly makes a mean breakfast. However, even though my take on this recipe was a little on the limp side, Shane actually liked them, and he knows not to lie about my cooking (otherwise I'll keep on making something if he says he likes it but he's just lying about it to be nice).

What did I learn from this recipe?
I learned that despite liking hash browns, I didn't like this recipe. It calls for a red bell pepper. Since my husband doesn't like bell peppers, I substituted some sweet peppers instead. I think the combination of those with the olive oil gave it kind of a tart, weird taste.

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