Saturday, September 10, 2016

Crab Omelet/41 Recipes Down

Today's breakfast was from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts. I've never made an omelet before so this was my first one.

The crabmeat I bought was claw meat, and a few little chunks of it really caught Orion's attention.

What did I learn from this recipe? 
I've decided that omelets are too much work for me, because I am a lazy cook. That being said, while this was a good recipe, I'll just stick to making scrambled eggs with whatever toppings I want.

However, I think part of my problem was that I used too small of a pan. I should have used a larger one, which would have made the omelet mixture thinner and easier to work with.

I don't know that I'll really make this one again. The crabmeat seemed a little too rich for the eggs. Maybe less crab would have done the trick, because in hindsight, that 1/3 cup didn't seem like too much when I was adding it in. But it was too much after I started eating. 

But, like the corn chowder recipe from last week, I think this recipe could also work really well if you substituted lobster. Any kind of good, meaty seafood would be damn tasty, with maybe the exception of langostino lobster. That stuff just has kind of an odd taste anyway.

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