Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

A few days ago, I was lurking in YouTube and I started watching videos by Cosplay Chris, a guy in Australia. I found out he had a video on redoing the prop Han Solo DL-44 blaster. And as it turns out, it's the same blaster I bought and did earlier this year, for my almost done X-Wing pilot costume.

So after watching Chris's video, I figured it was time to tweak my paint job a bit. The one thing I didn't do as paint the inside of the barrel. I kept that orange, because I will be taking this to cons and other public events so I want to be able to quickly show that it's just a toy.

My blaster isn't as weathered as Chris's and I painted my grips a little less than he did, but that's okay. I wasn't going for a Han Solo blaster replica. But that is also part of the beauty of the matter what you're working on, someone else has already done it and you can learn from them. Because of his video, I finally learned how to dry brush something.

However, I did have to do this quick comparison...

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