Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Weird List

So for some weird reason, I like making lists. I've got lists in here of movies, of concerts, of comedians. I don't know why. Maybe it's like some kind of weird stat thing for me.

That being said, one more list...the cons and various geek events I've attended! I thought I'd already made this list, but I guess not.
  • Ring of Fire, 2015, Virginia Beach, a hotel
  • Tidewater Comicon, 2015, Virginia Beach Convention Center
  • Tidewater Comicon Video and Kickstarter Event, 2015, Virginia Beach
  • Galacticon, 2016, Virginia Beach Central Library
  • RavenCon, 2016, Williamsburg, a hotel
  • Ring of Fire, 2016, Hampton Convention Center
  • Tidewater Comicon, 2016, Virginia Beach Convention Center
  • Richmond Wizard World, 2016, Richmond, conference center 
  • Dominion Christmas Parade, 2016, Richmond 
  • Marscon, 2017, Doubletree in Williamsburg

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