Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chucky Gets His Own Platform

This last October, I ordered a Chucky doll from Spirit Halloween. I've been pretty happy with him. I had been thinking about making one out of MDF board for Halloween, but duh, Chucky is a doll and that's the form he should be displayed.

I had actually been looking for a used Chucky from either eBay or Etsy, but as it turns out, Spirit had them new and in much better shape, plus, he was cheaper there, even with shipping. I didn't want a talking Chucky, but I did want him to be a good, realistic size, so this version of him fit the bill. The Mezco brand of  dolls actually reminded me of Jack Nicholson. I think it was his hairline.

I will admit, his hair does leave a little something to be desired. In fact, that was something he got negative points for in people's reviews on Spirit. Some people thought it looked too girly. In my case, my problem was that it seems to fall out too easily. But when your face is as jacked up as his, do you really care about your hair?

But anyhoo, we had him out for Halloween this year and he tipped over a few times. Before the night was done, Shane said we needed to make a stand for him, since he didn't come with one. I figured getting Shane to make a stand for him now would be about as likely as me getting a day off right now. But as soon as he mentioned it, I thought it was a damn good idea.

I played around in the wood section of Michael's a few days ago, thinking I'd get three trays or something, in staggered sizes and with routed edges. I couldn't find what I had been envisioning. I stumbled across a small wooden slat box (I think it may have been balsa wood) and inspiration struck.

I've been watching Cosplay Chris's YouTube channel lately. What I came up with for Chucky's stand is really just a rip-off, errrrrr, inspired by, the stand he made for his BB-8 and his First Order Stormtrooper.

Just a cheap little box, flipped upside down and spray painted black. I picked up a wooden dowel, cut it in half, and drilled appropriately sized holes in the box to line up with the back of his feetsies. They go through the box all the way and actually sit on the floor, same as the box.

I picked up some gravel from a new housing development out in Chesapeake. I could have used sand, but since Chucky is/was from Chicago, sand didn't make sense (but a murdering doll, inhabited by the soul of criminal makes perfect sense), so I looked for roadway gravel at the end of a road. I used a healthy amount of Modge Podge and laid the gravel in it. After it dried, I sprayed just the top of the platform with some clear coat, to help secure the smaller pieces.

Right up the pant legs. It makes me think of Deadpool here, grabbing his ass after he had been shot. "RIGHT UP MAIN STREET!" I might need mental help to make that connection here.

"Ya wanna play?"
I liked this little project. Minimal cost, because I got the with a coupon, and I already had the paint and glue.

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