Saturday, November 26, 2016

Freddy's New Face

Now that Halloween has come and gone, as has Thanksgiving, you'd think all of my Halloween decorations would be put away by now.

If you thought that, you'd be wrong. :)

Something about Halloween and our yard just didn't click with my this year, so I'm still dicking around with my Freddy Krueger. He's still downstairs in our second bedroom.

We made one quick fix to him before the trick or treating started this year. I had Shane pull Freddy's sweater up from his chest, while he was standing behind Freddy, and I blasted his chest with black and red spray paint, plus some brown shoe polish and some brown craft paint. This is the sweater I bought for Freddy originally (although I did buy it from Spirit Halloween, in person) I realized there was a lot of unblemished skin showing through the holes in the sweater. I also blasted Freddy's left hand with color as well.

But I still wasn't completely happy with him. I never was going for Robert Englund as Freddy. I just wanted a decent haunted house Freddy, if that makes any sense.

Here is the before of his face, from Halloween this year.

The red burns on that healthy colored flesh was pretty stark and it just wasn't working for me.

And then I decided to try the brown shoe polish on the mask. It was something I learned from Cosplay Chris: brown shoe polish can be used to weather and age just about anything!

I ended up doing about 3 coats on Freddy's face, and about 4 on his chest. The chest inserts are made of a different kind of plastic than the mask, which is actually latex. I also went in with some black craft paint (to "burn" one of his ears) and some brown craft paint, just for some more detail.

I had actually bought a very pale pink paint as well, because I thought I'd layer the paints to give the face and head some depth. That pink really didn't work at all. It dried chalky and looked like I had rubbed Pepto Bismol on his face. I had to wash that shit off.

Because I then decided I wanted kind of an oozy, moist look to Freddy's skin (I don't know why, since Freddy didn't look like that in the movies), I sprayed a light coat of high gloss clear coat over the mask.

Before putting it back on the mannequin, I used Duct Tape and some Fiber Fill on the inside of the mask and stuffed the nose and ears, to help give them a little more definition. Before, they were kind of floppy.

I can't do anything about the mask's jacked up teeth, so I'm leaving that as it.

The clear coat made the latex a little stiffer so I had to really pull to get the mask back on the mannequin's head. I used a more Duct tape to hold the mask down on his neck, to give it a little more of a natural shape. Through the slit in the back of the head, I stuffed more Fiber Fill into the mask, around the cheeks and jawline to fill it out a little more naturally.

While I now hate the hat he has, Freddy looks better to me. I'm going to end up replacing the hat, I'm pretty sure.

Ignore the droopy right side. His arm wouldn't stay in the position I want, so I took it off and will epoxy the shoulder in place next week. Thankfully, I've left Freddy to come apart at the waist, for easier transport and storing up in our attic.

While he looks a little more like beef jerky right now, I am happier with how he looks. The burns seem to have depth to them, and they don't look as fresh anymore. Jesus, did I actually just write that like it's a positive thing?

I was going to weather the store bought glove, bought from Spirit Halloween as well, but in order to that, I'd really have to prime it. I just don't want to do that because I'm feeling lazy. I'd have to mask it off from the glove and that just seems unnecessary. But fixing Freddy's face was necessary?

I am going to buy him a new right hand. The hand that came with the mannequin has all the fingers together. I'm going to cut it off and replace it with a hand with the fingers spread. That will be a separate post, though.

Until then, sweet dreams.

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