Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Freddy's New Hand and Hat

I never liked the original hat I had for Freddy. It was like a cross between a fedora and a porkpie. Freddy needed something bigger, more like Indiana Jones' hat.

I ordered this new one from Amazon the other day. It's a part of a Nightmare on Elm Street-licensed costume, but it is so flippin' ugly.

I'm trying to convince myself to NOT buy another new hat.

Freddy only gets seen at Halloween and he'll be in the I shouldn't spend another $40 or so on another, better hat. Right?

Anyway,  you can see here that he has his new hand now. The mannequin's original right hand had the fingers molded together. To put the glove on him, I'd drilled holes between the fingers and tied the individual glove fingers onto the back of his hand.

I'm still having problems getting his arm to stay up the way I want. Hell, I used some good epoxy this evening on his arm, and it still slid back down like this. Freddy has kind of a rotator joint inside the arm at his shoulder. It's a separate round plastic cap looking thing that sits on a tab on the shoulder, at his torso. There are grooves around the cap, like an American coin, and I'm thinking the hole for it inside his arm is just too big, because those grooves can't catch on anything, to hold it steady.

At this point, I decided my best bet would be to wrap the hell out of his shoulder with Duct Tape, to get his arm to stay where I want it, Ace Bandage style.

I ordered a new set of hands from Amazon the same time I ordered the hat. It was actually cheaper to order a set of hands, than it was to order just the right hand. Shane cut the mannequin's right hand off tonight for me with his band saw (I think), just below the wrist.

I knew the mannequin was thin plastic but I was surprised how thin it was, once I was looking down the inside of his arm from his wrist!

Because it was so thin, epoxy wasn't going to work to secure the two pieces together. Instead, I used a couple short pieces of Duct Tape. I gave a little twist of his new hand before securing it, because I want to make sure the glove is seen.

However, getting those stiff vinyl fingers into Freddy's glove was almost impossible. I had to really wrestle them in and I was afraid the new hand would snap off his wrist. It's holding quite sturdily.

What I'm thinking I should have done was order a woman's right hand, because it would be a little smaller and would have fit inside the glove easier. I ordered male hands, but it wouldn't have mattered because you can't see his hand with the glove on anyway.

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