Monday, November 21, 2016

Jake the Dog For Christmas

Right now, my crafting room (and part of my house) looks like it has thrown up on itself. I'm just coming off a consumer trade show that lasted 10 days, with 2 days for move in for the exhibitors and a half day of move out. Tomorrow, it will be a 15 day stretch of working before I get a day off.

During that time, I had a half-assed attempt at trying to be crafty and finish a couple of projects. But no such luck, until tonight.

Hell, I've even emailing Comodo, trying to get my blog unblocked. It was blocked for having "prohibited content" for several days. I'm not sure how far reaching that blockage was, and I don't know if my emails to Comodo did anything. All I know is that when I went back into my blog through the admin portal, I removed a YouTube video of a Pizza Hut commercial, it seemed to open me back up for business for a short period of time. But now, I can't see it again.

In fact, if anyone can see my blog, would you leave a comment for me? I'm starting to wonder if I need to stop this one and just move to a new site and link to this one.

Anyhoo, during the show, I started crocheting in my down time, which there was a decent amount. I decided to make, or rather, remake Jake the Dog. Last year, I wrote about my tiny Jake that fell off my backpack while I was on my scooter. I'll probably make another one that size, but for right now, I worked up Jake to keep me company.

I actually made Jake here about 1 1/2 times, because I just wasn't feeling it. I used this amigurumi crochet pattern by VACH. There's nothing wrong with it. I just felt like tweaking my version of Jake as I went.

I eyeballed his arms and legs, and I went back and pulled them off to shorten them. I also redid his nose roll. I was just having a hard time getting him to really look like Jake.

For his eyes, I actually did those three times. The pattern calls for crocheted eyes and then stuff them slightly as you stitch them on. Then I used iron-on patches to create his eyes. They still didn't look right. On my last try, I used white and black felt and blanket stitched them together and on his face. I like that better.

The same went for Jake's nose. It was supposed to be crocheted. I wasn't feeling that, so it became a felt nose.

I didn't really know what I was going to do with him. As I was finishing him up tonight, I decided to use him (and the Finn the Human I'm currently working on) to do a little good for Christmas this year.

I met a couple through the trade show, new coworkers but only on a temporary basis. They have two kids and both of the parents were working every shift they could get. The wife told me her 13  year old daughter likes "Adventure Time," and the mom actually knew who Jake the Dog is when I told her what I was working on during the show. She said her daughter has a little bit of a developmental delay.

I got to meet her daughter and thought she was kind of a fun kid. I also happen to have their address, based their daughter's letter to Santa, written and "sent" during the show, because I'm the one that is sending the replies. So after Finn is done, I've decided he and Jake are going on a new adventure together. I'm sending them both to their daughter, with another letter from Santa.

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