Saturday, November 26, 2016

Today Has Been A Productive Day

Today has been a good day. The whole weekend has been good, but I've been especially productive today.

  1. I finished Freddy's face (previous post).
  2. I picked up the last few things, and a ginormous box, for a Christmas decoration for my niece (upcoming post).
  3. Wrestled and cussed at the new window shade I bought for the bathroom, but I finally got that bitch hung, BY MYSELF! :)
  4. Replaced the dish rack in the kitchen sink, and replaced the tub stopper in the bathroom.
  5. Sent two cards off in the mail today: a thank you for an interview I had earlier this week and an aunt's birthday card.
  6. Sent an email over to the guy making my X-Wing pilot vest.

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