Friday, December 30, 2016

A New Elf Hat

One of the sets of yarns I bought was three skeins of Facets by Loops and Thread yarn, in Montana (color #44), from Michael's. I wish I had purchased a fourth skein, so I could have made this hat longer and wider. This became another addition to my crochet project list.

When I bought it, it reminded me of the Joker: purples and green, with just a touch of blue. I figured it would either turn into a hat or a scarf, but it wasn't screaming a specific project to me yet.

We got to my father's house, and on Christmas Eve, we were watching "A Christmas Story," and my husband said something about a hat he had as a kid that was long enough to wrap around him as a scarf too.

About that time, Schwartz in "ACS" appeared on the TV.  I didn't have any white yarn with me, but all of a sudden, that Montana-colored yarn spoke to me. I'd turn it into a hat, however long I could, similar to his.

It was something I would have to wait to finish, because I knew I'd want it to have a white brim and a white pom pom on the end.

I started with this pattern from Third Time's A Charm, but I didn't feel like it was working for me. There's nothing wrong with the pattern. It just was that I was using a J sized hook and the body of the hat is made with DC's, so it ended up looking kind of hole-y.

I frogged what I had started, and used the pattern more as a guide, making it from SC's instead. It's made from the tip down.

Right now, it's 33" long. The brim and pom pom are made from white acrylic yarn from my stash. I used a C sized hook for the brim, and worked in the front loops of the rows to give it a ribbed look. It's actually pretty snug on my head.

It definitely has an elf-kind of feel to it, as opposed to reminding me of Santa's hat.In fact, one of my nephews, Lizie's brother, requested a blue scarf from me. I think I'll send this to him, and then make another hat of some kind for their older brother, Nick.

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