Thursday, December 29, 2016

Got Two Scoodies Crossed Off My List

I was able to just finish the two crocheted Ewok scoodies that I've been working on. One of them was of course, for me (because what 42 year old woman DOESN'T need an Ewok scoodie?). The other is for one of my other nieces.

Lizie saw me working on my scoodie while we were back, and that was the catalyst to all the kids asking for something (except for the youngest, because she's only barely a year old). I kind of described it to her in general terms, because I figured she didn't know what was an Ewok is, because she's only six. She decided if I was going to have one, then she needed one too.

I used Barcelona by Loops and Thread yarn, in Flaxen (color #BA-11), from Michael's, on a J sized hook. The leftover yarn became a couple of washcloths. I used the Yub Nub Scoodie pattern by Kristin Stevenson. This is a free pattern, but you will need a username and password to access it.

Kristin does include directions on how to make the ears, but I bought two Teddy bears from the thrift store today and hacked off their ears for the scoodies. I got the brown ears and Lizie will get the blonde ears (she has lighter colored hair than I do).

Brown Bear: "My head hurts!" Blonde Bear: "What?"

Shitty selfies here, since my phone doesn't have a flash when it's in selfie mode. This yarn is actually pretty vibrant.
For Lizie's scoodie, I used some wooden buttons from my stash and stitched them on, using them to hold the ends around the neck. The buttons don't do anything on their own, and there's no holes for them.

I tried to do some rustic-looking stitching in dark brown yarn on top of my scoodie, like what Wicket the Ewok had on his hood. That's where the color inspiration with the yarn came from. Wicket's hood was more of an orange/burnt orange color.

For my scoodie, I laid the ends flat and used more brown yarn to lace them together, side by side. I flipped it over when I was done, and used some burgundy colored thread to whip stitch that portion together, to help sure them.

This is going to be very warm once the weather cools off again here.

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