Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No-Bun Lamb Burgers/48 Recipes Down

Tonight's supper was No-Bun Lamb Burgers, from Just a Bunch of Recipes. It was another case of having just about everything for this recipe.

Full disclosure though: the recipe calls for mint and feta cheese. Tonight, I used dill and Parmesan cheese. I'm not a fan of mint and I've mentioned before Shane doesn't really like feta.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I like lamb, but I thought these lamb burgers were a little bland. It might have been because of the lack of mint after all. 

In reading through the cookbook tonight, I realized I started cooking from them in February 2016. Even by leaving out the alcohol (since I don't drink), I'm not sure I'll be able to get them both completely finished by February 2017. I'll just have to get rid of a deadline and keep plugging away at the recipes.

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