Thursday, December 29, 2016

Preparing to Lie to a Six-Year-Old

So here's the first of my requested items from our trip: a chemo hat for my niece.

No, she doesn't have cancer. I guess she woke up a couple of nights before we got into town, and woke up her dad to tell him she was upset because she didn't have one of Nana's hats. She remembered them and wished she had one. Neither me nor my sister have any. They weren't something we wanted to keep, and I think the ones Mom had were given to the hospital for others who might need them.

My sister asked me to make one and send it to her daughter, passing it off as one of Mom's.

I used this pattern, from Oombawka Design. It was made with a C sized hook, out of some unknown boucle yarns from my stash. The white yarn has a thin silver tinsel running through it. It's incredibly rough and would be SO uncomfortable on a bald head. However, it does look like something Mom would have worn. She wore a lot of pastels.

So I'll get this packaged up and sent off to my niece. Hopefully, she'll be happy when she gets one of Nana's hats.

And, by the way...yeah, cancer can't cripple love. But it sure as shit can make a 6-year-old cry for her grandma, 3 years after she's passed away. Age is something that can suppress memories in the very young, but how heartbreaking is it to have that same little girl say she wishes she had one of Nana's caps, "because of the memories"?

Fuck you, cancer.

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