Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tuna Cristo/47 Recipes Down

Now that my work schedule has calmed down a little, I'm able to get back into the kitchen again.

For supper tonight, neither of us were very hungry, so I suggested Sam the Cooking Guy's Tuna Cristo, from Just a Bunch of Recipes. 

"This is the way-less-sophisticated cousin of the classic 'Monte Cristo,' which is made with ham, chicken, and Gruyere cheese--but I honestly think mine is easily as good and a heck of a lot easier 'cuz you've always got tuna in the cupboard."

This sandwich called for thinly sliced red bell pepper, which my husband doesn't like, so I substituted
some sliced sweet peppers.

What did I learn from this recipe? 
We both liked it, but it was a little on the messy side. I think I should have gone a little lighter with the mayo. And with the way the sliced cheese melted, which added to the messiness, I think I would use shredded cheese next time.

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