Friday, March 4, 2016

Corn, Jalapeno & Cheese Biscuits/15 Recipes Down

For whatever reason, I decided I wanted these Corn, Jalapeno & Cheese Biscuits (from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts) to go with our spaghetti tonight.

Because I'm not a fan of biscuits at all, I changed up this recipe instead. I used corn bread mix instead of Bisquick. But I'm so glad I kept the diced jalapenos in it. I threw a bunch of slices onto my cutting board and started dicing them. I don't really know how many I used, but I'm fairly certain it was a little more than Sam called for.

That being said, this has such a wonderful warmth to the taste. Because of the jalapenos, you don't even need to warm them up as leftovers. If you wanted them really hot, you could add more jalapenos, or even add in a little of the "juice" from the jar, if you're using refrigerated jalapenos.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I learned that I was right with that change of ingredient. I just love corn bread so much and adding a few ingredients that Sam called for, to my one change, was so much better than biscuits would have been. :)

Because they were meant to be biscuits and I changed them to corn bread, I was glad I used my muffin pan. I used some non-stick spray on it and dropped the batter in by heaping tablespoons.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

One More List To Get Out of My Head

Alright, so other than updating previous posts, this should be the last list to get out of my head: stand up comics I've seen. It's kind of a chronological list, just like the concerts list,but there are comics that I don't remember when we saw them.

I'm doing the same thing with the movies list: names in bold were really good, crossed out ones weren't so funny.
  • Paula Poundstone—University of Northern Iowa--1995
  • Mitch Hedberg—The Late Show with David Letterman (live taping)--May 4, 2000
  • Gabriel Iglesias —Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2005
  • Jeff Dunham—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—August 2007
  • Adam Ferrara—Virginia Beach Funny Bone (I think he had just broken up with a girlfriend or something, because he just came across as REALLY angry that night, and usually on TV, I find him terribly funny.)
  • Tracey Morgan—Virginia Beach Funny Bone
  • Aries Spears—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—2006 or 2007
  • Steve Byrne—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—April 2008
  • Godfrey—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—October 2008
  • Jon Reep—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2008
  • Felipe Esparza—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—October 2010 (We waited around after the show to meet Felipe and actually got a picture with him.)
  • Reno Collier with Larry the Cable Guy—Newport News Ferguson Center—Sept. 2011
  • Josh Blue—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2011
  • Pablo Francisco—Virginia Beach Funny Bone
  • Ralphie May—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2012
  • Dustin Diamond—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2013
  • Gabriel Iglesias —Norfolk Chrysler Hall--2014
  • Cory Marshall with Rod Man—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--June 27, 2015 (We waited around after the show to meet Rod Man but he didn't come out. I heard someone say he might actually be really shy.)
  • The Tenderloins from True TV's "Impractical Jokers" at Chrysler Hall--Nov. 23, 3015
I swear, I'm not going to make any more lists. I actually thought, for about five seconds, about making a book list, but I've read far too many books over the years (especially as a kid) to ever get a list like that right. Do you remember those reading "Olympics" we used to do, where you'd keep track of all the books you read and you'd get some cheap-o little medal to wear? I used to ROCK those things!

Pink Sauce/14 Recipes Down

Tonight for supper, I made Sam's Pink Sauce from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts. I made spaghetti and meatballs (frozen) for supper tonight.

This was 2 cups of any kind of pasta sauce you like (I think I had Bertolli marinara sauce) and 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream.

What did I learn from this recipe?
This was a lot like the BBQ Slaw recipe from the other day, in that the addition of one more ingredient is wildly amazing. However, the sauce, even though good on it's own, becomes much richer and thicker. The cream really cuts through the acidity of the tomatoes.

It was so good that I could have eaten it without the spaghetti. It made me wonder what tomato soup would be like with cream added to it.

And in other news, the Gonk droid build I've been dinking around with is driving me crazy. I can't get the paint to stop chipping off the totes (Gonk's body), even though I've clear coated the totes. Right now, one of the totes is outside again on my sidewalk, drying from more paint.

Plus, I can't really get his face plate to stay in the way I want it. If you hear a lot of rumbling and swearing coming from the East Coast, it's probably just me...working on Gonk. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BBQ Cole Slaw/13 Recipes Down

Tonight, in addition to the frozen empanadas I made for supper, I made BBQ Cole Slaw from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts. Happy first recipe of March!!!!

What did I learn from this recipe?
I learned you can keep your base cole slaw recipe and just the addition of one more ingredient is wildly amazing. The cole slaw doesn't lose it's typical taste. Instead, this really does add a depth to it that I wasn't expecting. It would also be easy to really tailor this recipe to a meal, based on whatever BBQ sauce you decide to use.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Best Chicken/Egg Salad/12 Recipes Down

The recipe's title, The Best Chicken/Egg Salad comes from Sam the Cooking Guy himself, in Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts.

When I make egg, chicken or tuna salad, I like to make it several hours in advance so it has time to chill in the refridgerator. I think this gives it a better chance to have all the flavors really mix together, better than serving it immediately. I made this late last night.

This is the first time I've made a chicken salad where I didn't bitch about the taste afterwards. My friend, Michelle the Cook, managed to hack the chicken salad recipe from Jason's Deli. I can't recreate it myself and I think my chicken salad attempts always taste very flat. That is not the case with this recipe. It didn't leave a mushy, mealy taste in my mouth.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I'm kind of  a die hard fan of mustard in these mayo-based salads. I always figured it would keep the salad from tasting too bland or just too much like mayo. I'm not a huge lone-mayo fan and I like something that cuts through that. However, I fought that urge and made this as the recipe says, sans mustard. And you know wasn't too much of a mayo taste afterall!

I also substituted the curry for paprika. I realllllly don't like curry and don't even keep it in the house. I can only stretch but so far, people.

The true upside to this recipe is that it reminded me so much of my grandma's potato salad. Swap the chicken for potatoes, throw in a little white onion, and it would be the same thing. It was a nice little dose of nostalgia for me.

And I learned that one rotisserie chicken from Harris Teeter makes four Chimichitos and this chicken/egg salad.