Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time For a Newer, Better Michael Meyers

Last year after Halloween, I dismantled my old PVC-frame Michael Meyers. I made him in 2005 after watching some decorating shows on TV and becoming inspired. Someone had made their own Michael for a balcony. He was leaning over the railing and there was lighting on him that made him look like he was moving.

I remember turning to my father-in-law and saying, "Wouldn't it be cool to make an actual moving Michael?" I started researching it the next day.

He was extremely thin and a little awkward, but he was popular in the neighborhood. Inside his mask was actually a small oscillating fan. Set to the low speed, it looked like he was looking back and forth across the yard.

His coveralls were an old pair from my husband. The zipper broke so they were useless to him. I just stitched them shut. The work boots came from someone on Freecycle.

But as time goes on, even being dragged out of the attic once a  year for Halloween, poor Michael was looking pretty beat up. The fan didn't turn so well with the mask anymore. He fell over easily. Last year, I retired Michael after Halloween.

But he is coming back to life for this year!

Introducing my new Michael. He is a headless male mannequin body from Ebay, so this Michael won't look so wonky and thin. The overalls, boots and knife are the original ones, but I'm thinking a smaller handle on a new knife would be a good idea. There's a new fan on the way too.