Saturday, October 1, 2016

Finishing Up the Leg Flares and Holder

Thanks to the on-going tutorials from JediXXL, I'm finishing up the leg flares and holder this afternoon.

As with other projects, I'll be using snaps to hold this on, outside the top of my boot. I wasn't able to find any olive drab 2" webbing (like what the belt and ejection harness are made from), so mine is made with some really nice olive drab canvas, with a strip of darker olive green 1" webbing.

The nice thing about the snaps is once I've got the costume complete, I can put it on and see if I need to adjust the straps to make the cuff tighter.

One thing I learned from this project: JediXXL recommends using thumb tacks through the back of the cuff to help hold the dowels in place. I'm using upholstery tacks, because I bought this stuff at Joann Fabrics and that's what they had.

However, I don't think one tack per dowel is quite enough. Granted, you won't lose the dowels, but there still might be some wiggle room for them to move around. I did get those loops as tight as I could around the dowels, but I decided to go ahead and add one more tack at the top of each dowel, for a little bit more security.

The next project is to get the flight vest and code cylinders ordered. And maybe figure out how to make a holster for my blaster. I've got plenty of that green canvas left. And I need to finish that damn helmet finally! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Ejection Harness

Thanks to the tutorial by JediXXL, I finished my ejection harness tonight for my X-Wing pilot costume.

I had to have Shane pin it on my back so I could get it lined up right. JediXXL recommended using Velcro to attach it, but I prefer snaps.

Actually, what I'm thinking is that I might actually run the whole thing through my sewing machine tomorrow night, and just sew the harness on the back of the flight suit. That way, it can't pull off. I'll leave the snaps on the front part of the harness though.

Plus, it will make it a lot easier for me to dress myself and not ask for help from anyone else. Just about all of the RL and 501st members I've met need some help to get fully dressed in their costumes. It makes sense: some of the need to be lined up a certain way or lessen your mobility.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Still Working on That Second Costume

God, I just realized I haven't posted anything about my X-Wing pilot since May. I'm still working on it, mostly putzing around with the helmet.

I did manage to get my orange pilot suit from Wampa Wear taken in a little bit. I took 5.5" off the length of the legs, 2.25" taken off the length of the sleeves, and took in both legs and sleeves to make them a little more fitted. I even got my gloves, just a pair of Darth Vader costume gloves, because the cuffs are flared.

Last night I finished my belt and mini flares, thanks to a tutorial from JediXXL. I did learn a few things from that project.

1. I absolutely hate sewing through Velcro. The kind I have here is the sticky back, but it's not really strong enough. Plus it gums up my needle anyway so I have to toss it out and get a new one going.
2. I prefer snaps over Velcro.
3. This webbing for the belt is extremely forgiving.
4. That buckle is heavy as hell, for a belt buckle.
5. Staples from a staple gun will poke straight through the front of the mini dowels, if you try to staple through the belt, through the back, to secure the mini flares. Plus, you can crack the mini dowels.

In a few minutes, I'll be starting my ejection harness.