Sunday, October 2, 2016

Finished the X-Wing Helmet Tonight

Whoo hooo! After months of farting around with it, I have finished my X-wing helmet!

This awesome kit came from Darth Hair and was totally worth it. In fact, there's a couple more items that I need and I'll be ordering them from him.

This is my generic X-Wing pilot. I searched online for days, before I started the paint job, trying to find an existing female X-Wing pilot that I could have been, but I just didn't come across any.

I think I must have been inspired by BB-8's color scheme in the desert because look at all the orange curves there.

Got a little bit of carbon scoring here and there. If it can build up on droids, then maybe it can build up on helmets.

I still need to adjust the length of the chin strap. I realized tonight that it's too long right now.

BTW, helmet fun fact here...if you lay  your helmet down on it's side and you need to rest it on something, a large can of chicken and a sleeve of small tuna cans, stacked on top of each other, is the right height to rest the Mohawk.

Halloween Chicken Chili/43 Recipes Down

Supper tonight, Halloween Chicken Chili, was thanks to having a variety of ingredients for almost anything in the kitchen, and Sam's book, Just a Bunch of Recipes.

In all honesty, these two cookbooks by Sam have really opened up how I shop and what things I now consider staples to have in the house. Before, I wouldn't have kept an extra onion around. But now, I do things like that and I feel like I'm a better cook for it.

What did I learn from this recipe? 
Normally, I don't order chicken chili. To me, it's just not chili. A stew? Yes, absolutely, but my idea of chili is the standard mid-western version: beef with beans and the like.

That being said, I popped my chicken chili cherry with this recipe, and was pleasantly surprised with the whole thing.

And I realized tonight, while writing this entry and re-reading the recipe...I forgot to add the garlic and I didn't even think there was anything missing from it when I made it tonight!