Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weathered My BB-8

One day in November, I ran into a Target two towns over, while I was there for work. I had a little time to kill before starting my day, and was there to actually look for a specific type of cat toy for Orion. My intentions were good, really. But then I took a stroll through the toy department, and I stopped in the Star Wars aisle.

And there I saw him...Jakks Big Fig BB-8 from Star Wars Episode VII. With a couple of batteries, BB-8 has five or so different sounds and lights up. His head only moves if you move it around. On Amazon Prime, BB-8 was going for $50. And Target had him for the same price, but there was only one of him on the shelf.

He needed to go home with me. Aside from just wanting him, I think this will be a good table display for the next con. But he was a little too clean and pristine. I wanted him a little grubby and grungy, like he's fresh out of the deserts of Jakku.

Plus, I really still feel like BB-8 color scheme really influenced my X-Wing pilot helmet design and color, white and tan. And besides, he's a cute little shit. Not as cute as R2, but he's kind of close.

Today's post is really because I ripped off my weathering project from Cosplay Chris. I think this was the first video of his I had ever seen and it really just stuck with me. And as it turns out, if you look through the pictures in the Amazon Prime reviews, you'll see a lot of people also weathered their BB-8's.

In the end, you'll see that I didn't do as much weathering on BB-8 as some of the Amazon reviewers, or even Cosplay Chris. I love that look, but I was afraid that if I took it that far, he wouldn't look as good as some of the other versions. For mine, I actually feel like less is a little more.

Full disclosure here: I didn't have really good paints here for this project. For the overall cover, I used Kiwi Instant Shoe Wax in brown. This was leftover from my Freddy Krueger mask project. It took two coats, and wiping off it off in between, to get coverage that I made me happy. But because this was shoe wax on plastic, it left a sticky film. I used a damp Scotch Bright pad to scour off some of the wax.

I used My Studio craft paint in tan to weather him. I actually started with another color that was more like red brick, so it was too harsh. The pro to using craft paints on something like this is that they aren't permanent. I wet a wash cloth and was able to wipe off the reddish brown paint and started over with the tan. And in a few places, slight traces of the red remained.

Beauty shot! "Beep boooooooooop!"
I decided to not make a base for BB-8 to sit on, because this particular figure comes with three little legs that snap into his base, if you want him like that. This makes him con-table friendly.

And that was also the reason I didn't change out his lighter, like Cosplay Chris did. I need to be able to take him out, without worrying that someone in the public lights him up. Until we go to his first con, BB-8 will chill in my crafting room, next to my TARDIS.

This project may have taken about 1 1/2 hours, so there wasn't a lot of time involved with him.