Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Fix for My X-Wing Chest Box

Last weekend, I wore my X-Wing Pilot costume for the first time in public. Our local Rebel Legion base was at Marscon in Williamsburg. I haven't submitted it yet as an official costume, and I don't even have photos of it yet, but I wanted to see what still needed to be altered. As it turns out, EVERYTHING was too big on me! I guess I'm not as big as I think I am! :)

The one problem I've fixed just now is keeping the chest box hose attached to the flight suit. I tried using a magnet on the inside of my flight suit, but my magnet wasn't as strong as the magnet built into the end of the hose adapter, so it kept falling off. During the day, I just tucked the end of the hose into my belt.

I thought about drilling some small holes into the adapter and just sewing it right to the flight suit. But inspiration struck me last night while I was falling asleep.

I dug out some snaps this afternoon and the Five Second Fix pen I bought to fix one of Mom's Christmas decorations. I glued (or plastic welded) four snap backs to the end of the hose adapter, and I've sewn the other snap sides to the flight suit where the hose will attach.

There are plenty of pictures of Mark Hamill in his X-Wing costume online for reference, but the hose attaches to the flight suit on the left side chest pocket. It can be a little fiddly, and you'll need to make sure you're not sewing through the back side of the pocket.

To get the other side of the snaps lined up right, sew on one back to the suit. Snap it to the hose. With a red Sharpie marker, mark the other three snap backs on the hose, then rub the hose onto the pocket. The red ink will rub onto the suit and you'll have marks where the other snap backs need to be attached.

I know some people on Amazon (okay, a lot of people) have left bad reviews of the Five Second Fix. Personally, I've used it a few times and think it's pretty good. It doesn't dry up after you've opened the pen, the way Super or Krazy Glue seems to do. This is holding pretty tightly right now, just plastic and thin metal.

I think the trick is this: obviously use it to attach the backs of the snaps. Once you've got the plastic weld cured, go around the edge of each snap with it again, and then hit each snap again with the blue light. Supposedly, five seconds will cure it, but I've found it takes double that time.

I've also used it on a frosted glass-type plastic snow man that had a broken arm. The Super Glue I tried first just didn't hold, but as soon as I hit it with the Five Second Fix and the blue light, his little arm wasn't budging.

But back to the chest box hose, I need another day of wearing it to really know how well this will hold, but I've got a good feeling about this.

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