Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mashed Potato Tacos/51 Recipes Down

I’ve decided to knock out a few quick recipes for myself, because I know there are certain ones my husband won’t eat. Case in point: Mashed Potato Tacos. I read the recipe to him and all he said was, “No. If there’s no beed in it, it’s not a taco.”

He was actually quite happy with this frozen pizza for supper tonight,  while I had two of these tacos. Normally I wouldn’t make two different meals, but seriously, these are super easy. They come from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I had forgotten to get the sour cream for these the last time I was at the store. But, I had a jar of salsa Verde instead and these tacos actually needed the extra spice (I also added a little minced garlic to the potatoes). I think with sour cream, these tacos would have been like shoving a cloud into your mouth: mealy and soft. There was really nothing to set the various flavors apart, save the salsa. It was a lot like a bean burrito.

And unfortunately, there was no texture to these either, even with some porchini and truffle potato chips. Now, part of that might have been my own doing. Sam recommended folding them in half to eat. Judging from the picture, it would be more like rolling them into a traditional taco shell shape. I actually rolled them, again like a burrito, to eat them, to keep the potato chips inside.

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