Monday, January 30, 2017

My Mom's Lox Dip/55 Recipes Down

So just to clarify this recipe's name. It's not MY mom's lox dip, but rather it's "My Mom's Lox Dip" by Sam the Cooking Guy. This recipe came from Just a Bunch of Recipes.

Every year in January, for probably close to 13 years now, Michelle the Cook, Nicole the Knitter and I get together for our little Christmas. It's a way to avoid the craziness of the holidays, the rush of the crowds while shopping and it's just more relaxed. We just celebrated Christmas 2016 yesterday here at our house.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I made Sam's lox dip in the morning. I did add three tablespoons of mayo and a sprinkling of Old Bay to it.I figured that would be enough time for the flavors to really meld, because we didn't eat until 2:30.

It wasn't really enough time. In fact, it didn't start tasting right until this morning. Before this, it just tasted flat.

But now, ooooh, it's pretty damn god. I wish I had added more lox to it though. I also learned that lox is somewhat a tender, flaky pain in the ass to cut up for this recipe. But it was definitely worth it.

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