Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feedback On My X-Wing Pilot Costume

Well damn, I've got more work to do on my X-Wing Pilot costume than I expected.

Your costume overall is off to a good start. We've got a few changes that need to be made before it can be approved:
- We already talked about the boots. They can't be rubber.
--Once I get a regular paycheck, I'll go get some new boots.
- The code cylinders need to be painted silver. They look gray in the pictures.--I already got these painted silver.
 - The sleeve cuffs are pretty big, but when they're in the gloves you don't see them so it's probably okay.--Well, yeah, but I've already made them a little smaller once. I've taken the suit in as much as I can. If I play with the sizing much more, I'm going to screw up the finished seams you can see.
- The compad should be tucked farther down behind the gauntlet. If it can't be tucked in any more than that, it needs to be lowered down the arm.--I can try tucking it in more, but I'm not going to lower the comm pad pocket.
- Both upper arm pockets need to be raised. The right arm pocket might even need to be trimmed shorter, too. It looks long and needs to at least be above the elbow.--I am so not moving the pockets. This suit was professionally made and I'll just screw it up if I try to move them.

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