Friday, February 3, 2017

Star Wars Big Figs Episode VII Massive 31" C-3PO Action Figure

I've been farting around with my Jakks Pacific Episode VII C-3PO for a couple of weeks. I picked up him up at Aldi's, unexpectedly, in the early part of December. He's pretty solidly made, with seven points of articulation.

The downside to this is that he has no electronics in him, whatsoever. His eyes don't light up and he doesn't speak.

If you're wondering why he has a red arm, check out the digital version of his comic, which takes place between Episodes VI and VII. Hint, C-3PO doesn't talk about how he came to have the red arm in Episode VII, if you haven't seen it yet. As you can see from the pictures below, C-3PO was actually a cheap mustard-y kind of yellow to start.

The joints on his arm were solid.
I drilled a couple holes in each joint area and then Dremelled the plastic out. When I was done, I used a file to clean up the rest of his elbow.
What killed me about this is that from watching all those Cosplay Chris Custom Collectibles videos on YouTube, I really thought this would be easy to take apart so I could paint it better. Most of the screw holes are on his back. I tried to manually unscrew them. That didn't work, so I switched to a drill to remove the screws. For Christ's sake, all I did was strip the screws! And yes, I had the drill bit turning in the right direction: righty tighty, lefty loosey. This metallic bastard just didn't want to budge! I decided to just fill in those screw holes with some filler instead. It was kind of a bummer, because I wanted to take his head apart and put in some sort of battery-powered light pack in there, for his eyes.

I covered his midsection with painter's tape, and used all Rustoleum spray paints on him. I used those Dremelled out elbows to hang him in our garage for painting, since it was too cold outside to paint out there. There were a few times when he was hanging up all awkward, where I could hear him saying, "Oh dear, Sir Luke!" First I put a couple coats of primer on him. There were a few places that I went back over and hand sanded in between coats.

Then I covered him almost entirely with plastic and painted his right calf silver. After that dried, I reversed the coverage and sprayed his left arm red, recovered him one more time and sprayed the rest of him gold. I purposely didn't weather 3PO for this project, because I preferred him shiny and polished in the movies.

I did find out that metallic gold spray paint is not very forgiving. There are a few drip marks on him, and I couldn't really buff those out.

I did the smallest amount of detail work on his eyes and mouth, with some black craft paint, just to highlight them. I also repainted the wires on his midsection, because they were pretty sloppy looking. I also painted both of his palms black, and I plan on getting some small disks in red and gold for each palm. I guess in the movies, those colored sections of his palms are supposed to be some kind of sensors.

I also gave him about three coats of clear spray paint.

Dremelled out elbow joint

And yes, I know C-3PO's leg wasn't silver in "The Force Awakens." Both of his legs were actually gold. I did this on purpose because I liked the randomness of the silver leg, because all the other protocol droids we saw were just one colored.

I think he'll make a fine addition to my table when I'm representing the Rebel Legion.

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