Friday, February 17, 2017

Finished Greedo's Pistol

A couple weeks ago, I got Greedo's pistol from a 3D printer in Kiev, The Ukraine. I went to look his store up tonight on Etsy, which is how I found him, so I could link to it from here, but his store doesn't seem to be listed anymore.

Anyway, I just got finished painting it.

The seller normally paints them as a part of the package, but he left my pistol unpainted, at my request, and dropped $10 off the price for me. I did paint the end of the barrel bright orange, to keep it con- and public-friendly.

I absolutely love this thing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Moving On To (Hopefully) Better Things

I did it. I was able to give my two week notice today at work. It wasn't something I necessarily wanted to do, since job hunting is a tedious pain in the ass and typically, it's more work than it should be. But given the situations we're facing in my department, such as the possibility of me being laid off because of budget cutbacks come April, I had to move on.

I do have a penchant for non-profit jobs, but I was going to end up being 2 for 2 pretty soon. My career couldn't take another hit like it did when I was laid off in 2009. And Shane really wanted me out of there, despite it being fairly mind-numbingly comfortable. Hell, my former supervisor got the boot in December and things have really gone down hill since then. You know it's bad when your former supervisor and another former co-worker are coaching you with interview advice so you can leave too.

So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone here, and I'm going to work for a local real estate agency as their social media manager. This is going to be a huge step up for me, both personally and career-wise, as well as financially.

I told the new department head this morning, and she took it well. I really thought she'd lose her mind and tell me to just GTFO right then and there. But she didn't and she was supportive of me. At this point, what else can she be? What else could she do? Fire me? That would have been funny as hell!

So in two weeks, I'll no longer be a non-profit employee. I'll be writing again and I can't wait for it!