Monday, March 20, 2017

12 Months of Thrifting--2017

I forgot how I stumbled across the 12 Months of Thifting graphic from Dina’s Days at Sharing the Spice of Life but it stuck with me for a few days. Dina is a thrifter who likes to share what she’s learned.

Me? I’m just a thrifter that looks for clothes she likes that fit, look good and are in good shape. There’s not a whole lot to my motives when thrifting. I don’t care much about brands anyway, except for my Converse and my Crocs.

Anyhoo, since I’ve been preoccupied with my little Chief and haven’t been doing much personal writing lately, I decided to write about Dina’s graphic, because like I said, it stuck with me.

I got my first full paycheck last Friday from my new real estate/social media job and I was hot to spend it! I ordered a new purse, which was just a want and not a need (I am getting rid of another purse though: something in, something out). And then I realized I needed some new undies (off to Target on my lunch break) and a quick stop at the Salvation Army store that’s on my way back to the office. This isn’t my usual Thrift Store USA, so I was shopping here on a whim, just to see. I ended up leaving with $17 worth of a sweater and shirts, so I was happy about that.

However, according to Dina’s graphic, I should be looking for a denim jacket this month. I’m going to call a pass on this one because I already have one. It’s one I had stolen from my husband (I don’t know why he bought it. I’ve never once seen him wear a denim jacket ONE the entire time we’ve been together. I even told TOLD him he wouldn’t wear it and I was going to steal it from him.) This is the same jacket I actually dyed purple last June. 

Because I missed January, I’ll take a pass on the cashmere sweater in a neutral color. However, one of my finds at the SA store might be a good substitute: I don’t remember the brand but I found a long, variegated grey, lightweight cotton sweater with elbow-length sleeves and just a few buttons. Even with the color changes, I think it still counts as a nuetral. 

For next month, the search will be on for colorful or printed flat shoes. This is a hard one for me, as I don’t have good luck finding used shoes that are in wearable shape, unless we’re talking about Converse again. This might have to be a new purchase.

And by the way, Feb. 7-13 was National Secondhand Wardrobe Week.